About Süleyman Dereköy
My name is Süleyman Dereköy. I’m a photographer.
It all started in the beginning of Summer of 2013 when I just wanted to learn a little Photoshop to crop and resize and maybe optimize my images on the web.
I started watching tutorials on Photoshop on Youtube and soon realized and amazed that there was a whole new world ahead of me to explore and simply cropping images were not enough.
Before that, I had nothing to do with photography. I took even less photos at that time than an average person who had a smart phone. Because I wasn’t using a smart phone back then.
That summer, I mean summer of 2013, for three months I watched tutorials day and night.
I edited thousands of images for a couple of agencies whose owners were my friends.
Then I bought my first camera in October 2013.
I’m making photographs since…
Photography became my life.
I became an Adobe Certified Expert on Photoshop CC which I was going to learn just a bit in the beginning.
Here is my portfolio.
While you are here, please check out Photophily where I teach photography if you are interested in learning photography. For my personal website where I share thing other than photography, click here
I'm so glad that you are here, welcome!